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Dr. Jade Wu is a clinical psychologist at the Duke University School of Medicine. She earned her PhD at Boston University and completed her clinical residency at Duke. She specializes in health psychology, with particular expertise in behavioral sleep medicine and women's mental health. In her clinic, Dr. Wu uses scientifically-based treatments (e.g., cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy) to help patients improve their health behaviors and cope with chronic illness. She also works with women struggling with anxiety and depression during (and after) pregnancy, as well as those coping with infertility or the loss of their baby. Her approach is grounded in both science and compassion, so that her patients are empowered to live healthier and more fulfilled lives. 

Dr. Wu is also actively engaged in clinical research. Her current work focuses on treating sleep disorders in those with chronic illness. She has collaborated with researchers at Harvard Medical School, Rush University Medical Center, and Cornell University to publish numerous peer-reviewed scientific papers (see Publications & Media). She is an ad hoc reviewer for top-tier scientific journals, including JAMA, Behavioral Neuroscience, and BMJ. She is a former Lecturer at Boston University and Adjunct professor at Roger Williams University. 

She lives in Durham with her partner and (too many) dogs.