The National Infertility Association is a national patient advocacy organization. It started out as a peer support group around a kitchen table, and now they provide resources and support for individuals all around the U.S. Here is an informative set of FAQ's for starting to understand infertility and resources for coping with it.


Through the Heart is a non-profit organization started by a couple who went through the heartbreak of losing their child during pregnancy. This organization provides education and support for parents coping with loss. They provide excellent advice on coping strategies that can be used in addition to seeking professional support, organize "comfort kits" to parents in need of connection and social support, and help grieving parents share their own stories.

finding local support

RESOLVE has an interactive map of local support groups for women and men coping with infertility.

SHARE has a list of local support chapters for those coping with pregnancy or infant loss.

This book by Dr. Deborah Davis is written with clarity and compassion. It is based on accumulated knowledge of researchers and clinicians, but it speaks directly to mothers and fathers who have gone through the loss of a baby or babies, either during pregnancy or soon afterwards.

It's very difficult to know how to support your loved one when they are going through infertility or the loss of their baby. As a society, we don't have rituals or social etiquette guidelines for how to respond because this is such a stigmatized and private pain. Here are some helpful tips for what to say/do and what not to say/do.