Dr. Wu's research has been published in prestigious scientific journals, including the Journal of the American Medical Association. Her work has also been featured in popular press outlets such as the New York Times, Huffington Post, Slate, Quick and Dirty Tips, and others. She is the host of the weekly podcast Savvy Psychologist.


Featured media publications & coverage

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New York Times: "How an insomnia therapy can help with other illnesses" by Austin frakt

"What should doctors address first, insomnia or the co-occurring condition? How about both at the same time? A new study suggests that a therapy that improves sleep also reduces symptoms of other illnesses that often disrupt it.

...according to Jade Wu...For those who are both chronically tired and chronically sick, the route to additional relief of both may be through the mind."



Quick and Dirty tips: "3 ways to give your circadian rhythms a tune-up" by jade wu, phd

"Are you a morning lark or a night owl? Do you feel sharp in the morning but get drowsy before Late Night airs, or do you feel like a zombie at 8AM but get a 'second wind' at night? Savvy Psychologist's colleague, sleep expert Jade Wu, shows how your answer may have major impacts on your health and happiness."


Mighty Mommy podcast: “How to Cope With Your Child's Night Terrors”

"… a blood curdling scream jolts you awake. You run to your child’s bedroom to find her flailing and shrieking in absolute fear. No, the scariest monster of all time isn't hiding in her closet. It’s more likely a frightening experience that many parents face—night terrors in children.

Dr. Jade Wu, QDT’s new Savvy Psychologist, joins Mighty Mommy to discuss this scary-but-common condition."


Huffington post: “5 Ways to Banish Negative Self-Talk for Good”

"That's the finding of a new Boston University study that asked 20 people suffering from generalized anxiety disorder and 19 healthy students to repeatedly imagine positive, negative and neutral events. The chronic worriers didn't add a lot of details, whereas the control group could better articulate what they thought might happen. "The worriers were stuck in a more abstract negative idea of the future. They couldn't think their way out of a negative scenario," explains lead author Jade Wu."


Peer-reviewed scientific journal articles

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Book chapters

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