Resources for patients, clinicians, and educators

Below are some resources I often share with patients and colleagues. I hope you find these helpful, and welcome suggestions for adding more to this collection.

perinatal depression

You are not alone, and this is not your fault. Here are some reputable resources for finding your feet. The most important thing is to find your community!

coping with infertility and pregnancy loss

For men and women coping with the heartbreak of infertility and loss.

insomnia 101

Googling "how to overcome insomnia" will give you too much information and not enough nuance. Start here instead.

for sleep professionals

Here are some links for trainees and professionals in sleep research and behavioral medicine.


This is a good place to get started with learning about mindfulness, the act of being present, intentional, and non-judgmental.

tracking, goal-setting, & other tools

Therapy worksheets for my patients. You know what you need!